Frecious Plus

 FreciousPlus – New cabin filter for protection against allergens, bacteria and mold.

MANN-FILTER has a new cabin filter coated with biofunctional Automechanika.

Frecious Plus absorbs allergens and prevents bacteria and mold from entering the passenger compartment.

The new cabin air filter Frecious Plus

More and more people suffer from allergies, a hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system. Many of these allergy symptoms are extremely unpleasant.

The World Health Organization classifies allergy as the fourth most important chronic disease in the world.

Even in vehicles, susceptible occupants are increasingly experiencing allergic reactions caused by pollen, bacteria and mold fungi to help affected passengers to breathe more freely, MANN-FILTER will present an innovative solution in Automechanika – the new filter Plus Frecious cabin that absorbs the allergen and prevents bacteria and molds enter the car through the ventilation system.

New formula into a filter for the protection against allergens, bacteria and mold fungi.

Cabin filters the current range of MANN-FILTER products contain a layer of particle filter and carbon layer, often an additional layer of activated carbon, the new cabin filter Frecious Plus also has these two layers, the layer particulate filter removes virtually 100 percent of coarse particles such as dust, pollen and dust from tires and small respirable particles. The next layer contains carbon obtained from coconut shells activated, this adsorbed almost all harmful gases, odors and ozone from the air flowing through the cabin.

The new feature of the cabin filter Frecious Plus is an additional third layer, the innovative special biofunctional layer is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, both the driver and passengers are protected against allergens, bacteria and mold. The new cabin filter absorbs up to 100 percent of allergens and growth of mold fungi is reduced by over 95 percent.

Allergy properties of the new filter layer is provided by a coating of innovative polyphenols. Polyphenols are natural products with anti-inflammatory properties and are considered to have health benefits. They are in many plants such as green tea and pomegranate and have the ability to absorb and render them harmless allergens. MANN-FILTER has used this effect to the lining of polyphenols in their new cabin air filters Frecious Plus.

The new FreciousPlus is also visually different from other cabin air filters, the yellow color of the lining of polyphenols gives it a distinctive look.

Like other cabin filter has a service interval of 15,000 kilometers or once a year.


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